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Voyager Software

A visual re-design with a functional purpose, highlighting strengths.

Web Design, Consultation

The Ask

Voyager Software needed a cleaner, more structured online presence, which truly reflected their strengths in their market.

Offering recruitment software with standout customer service compared their competitors, Voyager’s website was communicating only the basics, and they needed a site that communicated not just what they did, but who they were, and why they were the best choice.


Website Design

The Approach

The biggest feature Voyager offer is their focus on customer service. In an industry where long wait times and referral to FAQs are the norm, they stand out by using in house operators to solve problems quickly. This was the biggest thing missing from the existing user journey. By defining the end goal of a visitor as booking a demo or getting in touch, the design comes together.

Whether an online chat, a call, or an email to discuss more options, connecting the user with a real person located at Voyager Software needed to be given full attention in the user experience.

Built around this end goal was a re-focus on hierarchy. Through colour, font weights, and structuring, the visuals were not only aesthetically enhanced, but functionally improved to guide the user to an actual conversion.

‘’Richard has worked on some amazing designs for some of our key client’s websites including a publicly listed software company and a high end fashion retailer stocked by Harrods. Clearly he’s able to work on a diverse range of sites and often hits the mark first time. As such, Richard is our go-to trusted design partner.’’

Jamie Derrick, Managing Director – JD
Project Lead on Voyager Software redesign

The Solution

Voyager Software went from a purely informational site, to a website that actually reflects their brand and unique position in the market. It uses real life imagery of the company, reflects their personal focus, and is structured now to guide their visitors to produce conversion.

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