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Live Now

A platform of growth for international physiotherapy

Web Design, Web Development, Brand Direction, Strategy Consultation

The Ask

Live Now is the result of an internationally working physiotherapist (currently based in Dubai) wanting to take her work online. While there was the budget to create a beautiful site, the systems implemented needed to produce results immediately.

A lot of companies make a huge upfront investment, creating a feature filled website from day one which is prepared for any and all eventualities. The ask with Live now, was to create the ‘First Platform’. The launchpad that would allow the business to grow and serve as starting point to grow over time.


Website Design
Web Development
Brand Direction
Strategy Consultation

The Approach

The team at Live Now were already successful as physiotherapists, however the online model was a new venture. It was important that the website be built to maximise conversion, sign ups, and client contact through a WordPress content management system.

Built to reflect the lifestyle of elements of the Live Now brand, feelings of fitness, movement, freedom, are at the fore front. These are things to be celebrated and that make life better and this is the core message of the the brand, which provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with a central theme being the physiotherapy services.

The colours, branding and functionality of the site strike the balance between communicating the energy and passion of the Live Now team, against building a user experience which ends in conversion.

‘’I met Richard when I wanted to take my business online, not and easy thing, since I am a physiotherapist. His advice made all the difference, my business is now online, he built my fantastic website and I can finally work while travelling around the world…simply…my dream is coming true.’’

Serena Mora
Owner Live Now Health

The Solution

Live Now’s market is unique online in that they are seeking users who are not just comfortable, but who would prefer to do their treatment with a physiotherapist online. This means a younger, more techno-fluent market is the core audience.

These considerations combined with the unique needs to showcase the passion and love of exploration the brand possessed results in a very bold, eye catching, but also professional and considered user journey.

The consultation process is blended with the story of the brand, and the benefits of the treatment sold through Live Now, the user is invited to join in with the methods, to join the team and the journey, and is all all reflected in the friendly and genuine love the team have for their jobs.

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