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Groundshark Coffee

New site and direction for a thriving ecommerce brand.

Web Design, Brand Direction, Consultation

The Ask

Having a quality product isn’t enough. Groundshark Coffee’s existing website lacked a way to communicate what their brand was truly about. Selling ‘coffee that’s so damn good you don’t need cream and sugar for it’ is only one element of their vision.

The brand lacked a way for people to buy in to the lifestyle, which lowers the chances of visitors becoming long term customers. To change this, they had to align themselves with the lifestyle that their product is fuelling, while also ensuring that the website feels trustworthy, promotes conversion through user experience, and is overall as quality as the coffee they sell.


Website Design
Development Consultation
Ideas Generation

The Approach

The approach was simple, re-focus on content, strip back the parts of the design that weren’t serving the brand, and allow this new focus to improve the user experience of the site.

The first step was quality content and premium photography. By ‘setting the scene’ with beautiful imagery, it meant that the site didn’t have to ‘say’ what it was about, it could show it (some things are better said with images). This freed up the copy to really promote the qualities of the coffee and the product itself, and to guide the user around the website rather than explain he brand’s mission.

A limited colour palette means that the bold red used by the brand can be focused on highlighting key conversion triggers. The stripped back palette of the previous site while co-ordinated, never guided the visitor’s eye around the page like the site does now.

‘’Not only did Rich go above and beyond in his redesign of my site, but he took it one step further and gave me consulting advice afterwards and even introduced me to a few photographers that I’ve started working relationships with.

I paid Rich for a website design and received much, much more than just a simple design. Rich has been invaluable in informing design decisions moving forward and his input was exactly what we needed when we needed it. His work immediately boosted our conversion rate and helped us break through the plateau we had been stuck at for months. Thanks, Rich!’’

Nick Lowary
Owner & Operations Manager – Ground Shark Coffee Co

The end result

Overall, a premium theme, built to structure the user through the site, combined with a better communication of the Groundshark brand resulted in a huge boost in conversion for the site.

It not only communicates in a visual way what the brand is about, it appears more professional, which in turn builds more trust. It offers a brand experience that people can buy in to, one outside of just enjoying coffee, which prompts repeat visitors and brand loyalty. Two huge wins in the competitive world of ecommerce.

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