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AP Marketing

Branding & identity that says the right things, and nothing more.

Branding, Identity, Direction Consultation

The Approach

The challenges for a personal brand are different to those of a business. You can highlight a few elements from the business, and form an identity from there. A person is many things though, and so the way the imagery is presented must say a lot, but never be too ‘niche’, otherwise the brand is not versatile enough.

Ali Puglianini Marketing is a personal brand for social media marketing and PPC expert Ali Puglianini, the identity is designed to reflect his approach to his craft without limiting its use.


Direction Consultation

‘’Rich helped me confidently change my mindset and outlook at the way that I could work, allowing me to successfully change my lifestyle to one that works best with me. Setting up my own digital marketing business and working for myself was always something that I wanted to do, but thought it was only an option I could consider later in my life.

Within a few weeks of working with Rich to understand how to build my brand, set up my business and grow my client base, I found myself in a position to quit my day job and start working for myself.’’

Ali Puglianini
Owner AP Marketing

The end result

The bold logo can be used across all online touch points, as well as the wider imagery used for creating a wider identity across the web.

The logo itself is purposefully restrictive. This is Ali’s marketing approach, he makes every investment to paid adverts go far. He does a lot with a little. The subtle removal of parts of the letter while still ‘saying’ AP reflects this.

The other elements of the identity pull in ideas from the rest of Ali’s methods. The imagery used to promote the logo are natural elements, combined with Ali’s unique colours. He is not about producing one off wins that constantly need investment to see results, his marketing strategy is to get new visitors that become long term customers, to organically grow.

If you’d like your own personal branding to represent you online. Send me a message at

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